Ultra-Efficient Superconducting Propulsion System

The Forerunner is an ultra-efficient superconducting propulsion system and is essentially the world’s first all-electric jet engine.


Fan optimised for regional electric propulsion

Power Electronics

Fault-tolerant power electronics

Turn-key Power Supply

Fuel Agnostic Power Supply

Direct Drive

No gears needed

Cooling System

Fully Integrated cooling system


Ultra high performance motor

The Forerunner effect on aircraft performance

600km+ range on today’s battery technology

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70% reduction in airline fuel cost

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How it works

The propulsion system is the key. Sustainable aircraft must get more energy out of their fuel to be able to fly and compete with traditional kerosene aircraft. Our engine does just that, it converts more energy to thrust than any other system on the market. It’s the most efficient and light propulsion system in the world by 4x and runs solely on electricity. Mako’s Forerunner is essentially the electric answer to the kerosene jet engine.

How it works

Forerunner Features:

Ultra-high efficiency at take-off and cruise
Fault tolerant polyphase winding
Withstands full demagnetization at 50% power
Direct drive system
Turn-key integration with available energy storage solutions (H2, Battery, Hybrid)

Forerunner Data Sheet


Peak Power (TO Condition)

1627 kW

Mid Power (Climb Condition)

1058 kW 2610Nm @ 4000 RPM

Optimal Continuous Power (Cruise Condition)

486 kW 2321 Nm @ 2000 RPM

Efficiency at TO


Efficiency at Cruise




46.45 kg

Power Density (Peak/Climb/Continuous)

34 kW/kg / 22.7 kW/kg/ 8.7kW/kg


Direct Drive

Ingress Protection



0330mm x 130mm

Cooling Requirement (Peak/Continious)