Building The World’s First Electric Jet Engine

Mako Aerospace is building the technologies for fast, inspiring, and zero-emission flight

What we are building

We are building the Forerunner, an electric propulsion system with unrivalled efficiency, reliability, and power.

Mako’s Electric Jet Engine: The Forerunner

An electric propulsion system with unrivaled efficiency, reliability, and power.

Enabling sustainable flight on today’s battery technology

The Forerunner enables the increase of range and lower operating costs for all-electric and hybrid aircraft. Making sustainable flight viable, reliable, and realized sooner.

Straight on view -from teaser video-
600km+ all-electric flights
Turn-key Solution
Drop our customer’s fuel costs by 70%
Enable the use of today’s battery technology for electric flights
Our system is an essential component for economically competitive commercial electric aircraft and the technology forms the first phase of our company’s overarching mission to bring about fast, inspiring, and zero-emission flight.
Save the Date

Want to see The Forerunner in action?

We would love to welcome you to Mako Demo Day for the unveiling of The Forerunner, the world’s first all-electric jet engine.
We hope to (literally) blow you away this November 14th 2022.

Get A Glimpse Into The Future Of Aerospace This November